So why aren’t you working out??

Many people have the best intensions to workout regularly, they know all about the health benefits, they even know that when they exercise regularly, they feel so much better, and they want to workout but life just keeps getting in the way. 

You might be looking at your family, friends, even your partner, that instragrammer you follow who always make time to exercise and then wonder why can’t I do that? Why aren’t I making exercise a priority – when I really want it to be!

Here are the 4 common reasons I think most people feel unable to priorities exercise within their daily life – 

  • I don’t know where to start………

If you haven’t exercised recently or at all, starting exercise can feel quite daunting. Whether it is what level class to choose or where to put your coat at Pilates Avenue we have your back. Our classes are clearly labelled so you know where to start (click here to read about our class styles) and if you are still not sure feel free to get in touch so we can guide you. Also, to help you know the where to put your coat and that type of stuff when you book on to your first class we will email you 4 mini vids that will hopefully answer your questions but if they don’t please get in touch. 

  • Worried you won’t be “good enough”

Coming to a Pilates class is Pilates practice – yes we aim for perfect execution of the exercises but we also know that when we first try something new we might not get it right. And some days we simply have off days. All this means is we enjoy the process of learning something new and we listen to our bodies to give them what they need. 

  • You are tired before you even start

After a long day you probably want to do anything other than exercise. Did you know the calming practice of Pilates builds energy by increasing circulation and oxygen flow? The control of your breathing and movements help to relieve stress and tension leading to increased energy. 

  • You don’t have time

Life is so busy, you may feel like you are being pulled in so many different directions. One of the things I realised when working with clients; there will always be pressures to do other things but the sooner you set your boundaries around exercise and other aspects of your self-care the sooner other people stop asking you to do other stuff during that time. It is really hard I know (I’m in your shoes too) but with each time you say “no sorry” the easier it gets and it’s worth the effort. 

If you think about it hard enough you will be able to come up with a million reasons not to exercise but it’s important to focus on the reasons why you should; how amazing you will feel as you get fitter, stronger & healthier. How good it will feel to run with more fluidity or be able to stand on one leg to put your socks on without falling into the wardrobe. Regular exercise and specifically Pilates isn’t just about making you fitter though; it’s about time for you (and yes you deserve it), listening to your body, being with like-minded people sharing the journey and slowing you down and allowing you to breath. 

We look forward to welcoming you into a class soon so you can enjoy all the amazing benefits that come with our time together. 

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