So, you have found yourself here at Pilates Avenue – have you done Pilates before or are you thinking of trying it for the first time??

Do you have poor posture? Do you ache with every movement? Do you feel weak? Do you feel too unfit to exercise? Do you have difficulty putting your socks on? Do you want to be better at your choice fitness activity? Do you want to feel better in your body and understand how your body moves?

Pilates can help you with all of this; here is how it works……

  1. Pilates is a whole-body workout. Yes. we focus on your core muscles – every movement comes from these muscles, but we want the body to work as a whole. By working the body as a whole you improve your flexibility and range of movement of the joints, you reduce your risk of injury all while teaching the body to function in its most efficient movement patterns.
  2. Anyone can do Pilates. Pilates exercise include exercises that are performed standing, sitting, laying on your front, back or sides. You can use props, cushions and other pieces of equipment to help you perform the exercises well. The aim of Pilates is to perform the exercises to the best of your ability not to do the hardest version of an exercise. With this in mind all exercises are adapted to suit the person doing them. 
  3. Pilates is a strength training session. We will use your bodyweight and we could also use weights, bands, balls & rings to improve your strength. You will benefit by developing lean muscle – no one ever ended up like Arnie by regularly doing Pilates.
  4. Develop a strong core which will help you to have great posture. How often do you find yourself slumped in the chair especially if you are working from home, what happens when you are carrying your work, sports or shopping bags? Your core isn’t just your abdominal muscles it also includes your back muscles that connect into your shoulder and shoulder blades. These muscles hold you upright, keep your head in alignment and help you to breath effieciently!
  5. Pilates will improve your chosen fitness activity. By actively working on getting your body to function as a whole and by having full range of movement in all areas of your body you will develop more power, strength and fluidity in all your movements. Why do you think so many top level sports people do it 😉

 I hope this post has help you to understand why you need Pilates in your life. Pilates Avenue is hoping to open it’s doors as soon as  safely possible if you would like to be kept up to date on what’s happening please register here

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