The Pilates Reformer takes Pilates to a new level!

We are huge fans of the reformer at Pilates Avenue. At first sight, it might resemble a medieval torture rack or even a rowing machine, but the sliding carriage, pulleys, levers, and accessories provide added resistance for a range of movement for a full-body workout.

Our Pilates reformer sessions can help to aid recovery from an injury, improve posture and of course become stronger and more flexible.

Pilates is deceptive, it might look easy but the postures are definitely not. It increases your heart rate and pumps blood to all muscles, especially the ones you had forgotten about, for that satisfying ache the following day.

If you are completely new to Pilates we recommend a combination of mat & reformer, Pilates as a mat-based art will help you to learn the techniques, such as learning to focus your breathing and work in a controlled manner from a static position. This will help you to know what to expect and feel more confident working with the motion of the apparatus.

Class sizes

Reformer Pilates sessions are for a maximum of 3 people. This ensures that each member gets the benefit of our knowledge and experience, tailoring the sessions to your ability.

Strong and stable core

Any sportsperson will tell you that a strong core is the best foundation for physical activity. It can also be best for those who want to enjoy the freedom of movement in everyday life.


The postures are performed from a variety of positions; standing, sitting, laying, twisting, with feet in the air and arms and legs all around, whilst your instructor will continually check you have good alignment, correct position, and posture.

It is for you?

The reformer is suitable for all ages and capabilities and, the movements can be modified during pregnancy. Plus, you can expect to see physical changes and improvements within a few weeks.

Participating in regular Pilates reformer sessions is excellent for the mind, body and soul and you will notice improvements in your strength and flexibility, which can only be a good thing to improve your fitness and ability to perform in your job, or any other type of sport of exercise.

To book a session, please call Pilates Avenue on 07952 489027 or email [email protected]

Pilates Avenue, 250 spring Bank West, Hull, HU5 3RU.