Pilates Mat is a great option for all levels; whether you are a beginner or more advanced. Training on the mat can offer the most amazing whole body strengthening workout. Pilates Mat work is based on some of the original work of Joseph Pilates; Pilates is a strengthening and lengthening form of exercise which focuses in the core muscle structure while working the legs & arms.

The Original 34 exercises were created by Joseph Pilates as a take anywhere workout but over 500 exercise exist allowing for modifications and adaptions to suit everyone – whatever their level or ability.

What will you get from practicing Pilates?

Pilates supports improvements in your physical, mental and spiritual health. You will find your posture improves, you will have better co-ordination and balance, you will be more aware of your body, you will improve your flexibility (you don’t need to be flexible to do Pilates), your lungs will strengthen and you will feel your stress levels reduce.

New to Pilates….

Pilates is different to the way you may have exercised before. In order to get the most out of your classes you need to slow down focus on your own body make the movement smaller focusing on keeping the core controlled as you move. You may feel frustrated if your cant do an exercise perfectly straight away – Pilates is called practice for a reason.

What type of exercises will you do…..

Many of the exercises you will do in a Pilates class will exercises that your recognise from other forms of fitness but the emphasis is different in Pilates (and sometimes the names are different). In Pilates we will ask you to be more aware of your form and technique while recognising where the movement starts – maintaining control through out.