8 Surprising Benefits of Regular Pilates Practice.

Pilates offers an array of benefits including strength, flexibility, and balance but did you know that Pilates gives you so much more. Within this blog, I will share with you some “kind of” secret benefits of Pilates that you may not be aware of but that are great reasons to make Pilates part of your health regimen. 

  1. Enhances body awareness

Pilates asks you to stop and slow down and be aware of your body. Each movement is done with precision and purpose focusing inward allowing you to be completely aware. 

  • Reduces menstrual pain 

Strengthening the muscles of the pelvis, abdominals, and lower back can reduce the pain experienced during the menstrual period. 

  • Boosts your immunity 

An important one right now. Pilates promotes blood and lymph flow; this improves circulatory function which is linked to improved immune function. Much of the research has been done in older populations but there is no reason to believe these benefits aren’t available whatever your age. 

  • Improves cognitive function 

Pilates asked to be aware of your body and your breath, to coordinate your movements, and remember movement sequences. Regular practice improves learning, memory, and executive thinking. 

  • Improves your sleep 

So many people tell me how well they sleep after a class. Pilates helps you to switch off all the noise in your brain as you must focus on your body and the moves this is a level of relaxation most people struggle to achieve in daily life. 

  • Boosts your mood

Exercise releases endorphins – your happy hormones. Studies have shown that regular Pilates practice can lead to a reduction in anxiety, fatigue, and depression. 

  • Improves your sex life 

Improvements in stamina, flexibility, and strength can all lead to a more pleasurable experience. Add in more body awareness and confidence with improved pelvic floor function – you might have just hit on the magic combination. 

  • Encourages you to play

Why so serious?? Pilates is a practice which means it may not be perfect every time so why not enjoy the process. Within my classes, we aim to have some fun rolling-like-a-ball or clapping your feet like a seal it’s best to have some fun. Get to know your body and have fun in the process. 

Pilates is a whole-body workout in every sense of the term offering you benefits you may not be aware of or know that you need so why not try a class soon. All our classes are available as taster sessions for you to give Pilates a try so why not head on over to our booking page (https://pilatesavenue.co.uk/gymcatch/#/events); click on the day you are free and see what’s available – let’s get you on your Pilates journey. 

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