Runners run, that is what runners do……

Pilates, From a runners point of view… 

Runners run, that is what runners do, to keep fit, they run, to train, they run, to socialize… they run!

So they must be the fittest creatures on the planet? What I have learnt and keep learning about fitness is how everything you do must be measured and in proportion with a regular programme! Do I follow one of these? Not really – at the moment but when I have been training for events whether they be marathons, Triathlons or a park run, the best results I got were from times when I followed a programme.

A running programme featuring:

Speed and distance

Strength and condition

Elements of cross training

Stretching and flexibility!!

As a runner and someone who’s partner is a Pilates instructor I really should be following by example, but unfortunately work, life and a 4 year old get in the way of that. But, for a time before our son and when I was probably a lot more focused then I am at the moment I did attend my other half’s Pilates classes every week. What I found is that my body recovered a lot easier after hard runs. The stretching I learnt was something I could apply after every run, although not the same intensity the good habits were in bedded. What I also found was my flexibility (which has never been the greatest) improved, not to a huge standard but it certainly helped me with things such as bending down and sitting on the floor. A few running friends would join me and they all had fantastic results which improved their enjoyment and results and showed me just how much of a powerful addition this is to your training. Most professional athletes will have some form of flexibility training at the core of their programmes, it is vitally important for the body to be able to move and perform without pain (or less pain) and so from someone who is just a recreational athlete I know how beneficial Pilates will be to a training programme, whether you be a sub 3 hour runner or someone who has graduated from park run the benefits will be similar and just as rewarding.

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