Pilates – beginners

Are you new to Pilates and/or new to exercise? This is the place for you. This class will take you through all you need to know to get you started on your Pilates journey. The class will focus on the main elements of Pilates. You may also find the beginners classes combined with the back aware or remedial class.

Pilates – Level 1

You will have done the beginners session or exercise regularly already. This class is a moderate pace class with the option to slow the class down (as needed) to explore exercises to ensure great practice. You will start to understand how the Pilates fundamentals effect and enhance movement.

You may find Back aware and level 1 are combined allowing those that are still working to improve their back health to progress and get stronger.

Pilates – Level 2

This class will includes more complex exercise and may run at a faster pace. We will expect you to understand the fundamentals of Pilates as we will be building on these (please do not book this level class if you haven’t done at least 1 block of level 1 practice).

Pilates – Level 3

Coming Soon

This class will take you further into your Pilates practice; the class will utilise more of the classical Pilates repertoire and will be at a faster pace. We recommend that you only attend this class if you are experienced and confident in your Pilates ability.

Pilates – Mixed ability

This class is suitable for those who are new to pilates and those who are more experienced. Exercises are demonstrated with various levels of difficulty so you can choose how hard you want to work.

Back Aware Pilates

Many people are recommended Pilates due to back injuries but a number of the original Pilates exercises are not suitable for those with back pathologies. This class uses the exercise that are safer for those with back issues (although you will need to be aware of your own body and how your back is feeling during the class). The class will focus on technique and stability in movement to ensure better movement.

It is important to be aware that this class is not designed for the diagnosis of injury and does not replace medical advice. You will need to discuss your limitation with your instructor so they can advise you but it is always important to be aware of your own body and what feel right.

Pilates & Stretch

This class will focus heavily on the Pilates Fundamental of “Flow”. We will use the Pilates repertoire to ensure stability and strength while improving range of movement throughout the whole of the body.