5 helpful things to know before you start a Pilates Avenue class.

When you start a new exercise class it can be a little daunting; new place, new people, will you be able to do it? These might be some of the thoughts going through your mind before your first class; even before you book your first class. Don’t worry these fears are really normal and please remember that pretty much everyone in the room had these thoughts at the start of their journey – even your instructor we were once where you are now!

We all join our first Pilates class for one of a number of reasons – we wanted to be more flexible, we wanted to move better, we wanted to be stronger, we wanted our bodies to function better or we didn’t want to have the bad back/the aches and pains….. we wanted to feel better in our bodies. Pilates can do all these things and so much more!

From 2010 research into the benefits of Pilates has increased; the research has shown that on average an 8week course of Pilates could improve abdominal endurance, flexibility and balance. Furthermore, research has shown that Pilates can improve chronic lower back and neck pain, it can help to improve pregnancy and labour, it can reduce risk of falls. Plus, more and more professional athletes & A-listers are choosing Pilates to enhance their performance.

Here are my 5 tips to help you on your way-

  1. Book the right level class for you. Pilates is adaptable for every level of ability but if you attend an intermediate or advanced class there is an expectation you will be able to perform at a certain level, but if you attend a beginner class the basics of body alignment will be explained to you by your instructor so that you can get the most out of your class in the safest possible way. 
  2. You may feel some discomfort in some exercises during the class. If you are unsure of whether this discomfort is right (there is a difference between discomfort and pain – pain should be avoided) or if you are doing the exercise correctly ask your instructor (at the time) – please don’t be afraid to speak up in class if you are unsure of an exercise, someone else will probably feel the same too. This can often prompt a discussion or explanation from your instructor which can be really helpful for everyone in the class. 
  3. You don’t have to turn up in your pants!! If you have ever seen picture of Joseph Pilates he will have probably been in his pants. JP liked to see his participants bodies moving in order to help them achieve the best function. These days gym wear is more the norm. Wear something that is comfortable and not going to restrict your movement or get wrapped round you while you are moving. 
  4. You can’t hide in a Pilates class. Wherever you position yourself in the class your instructor will move around to be able to see you; this is because we want you to get it right. We want you to get the best out of your class and Pilates experience plus we also want you to be safe; to do this we need to be able to see you. Furthermore, if you would try to hide at the back of your aerobics class because you didn’t want the other participant to see you please know that in Pilates there is no judgement – we are a friendly bunch plus during Pilates you are so focused on your own movements that you don’t have time to consider anyone else’s. 
  5. Take your Pilates with you everywhere. Whatever your reason to start Pilates the movements and the focus you are taught can go with you everywhere. If you want to have better posture remember how to hold yourself, if you want to have better strength remember your core and if you want to be more flexible practice. 

Pilates is here to help you move better and feel better, but we can only do that if you make it to a class. If the 5 tips don’t answer your questions or you would like advice on the best class for you to attend please get in touch with us we are happy to offer you help and advice to start your amazing journey. 

To get in touch you can call Lisa on 07952 489027 or email [email protected].

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