Pilates – building self-esteem not just your body

People often talk about the physical benefits of regular Pilates practice but body awareness, strength and a fantastic sense of achievement can help to build your confidence too. 

So, if you have been feeling a bit low about yourself recently here are 9 reasons you should try Pilates to help you know how awesome you are!!

  1. Body Awareness – Pilates practice asks us to be aware of our bodies; through this practice, we will notice what our body achieves and is capable of giving us confidence in our ability. 
  2. Better posture – as you read this take a second to stand in your favourite superhero pose; how does that pose make you feel??? Better posture lifts our mood and makes us feel more confident. 
  3. Mental stamina – sometimes during your Pilates class you will have to dig a little deeper to perform the movements being asked of you. Every time we try something new, we build confidence in our ability. This confidence will transfer to everything we do. 
  4. Endorphins; feel-good hormones – all movement release feel-good hormones that lift our mood. Feeling good makes us behaviour in positive ways and gives us more confidence. 
  5. Breath: just breathe – in times of stress we can hold our breath or breath in a shallow way. Pilates teaches you to breathe; focusing on your breath in times of stress will help to stop your mind from spinning giving you the confidence to deal with whatever comes your way. 
  6. Mindfulness – Pilates asks you to go within and be aware of your body and the way it moves, sometimes changing it sometimes excepting it. Just being ok in your own body can help you to feel more confident. 
  7. Better physical and mental health – knowing you and your body are ok gives you the confidence to try new things because you know your body can cope with it. 
  8. Pelvic floor strength – imagine being able to run, jump, and dance without worrying about leaks. Never have to choose your clothes based on the chance of accidents!
  9. Socialise –Spending time with others, and building a social network improves your mental health and releases more feel-good hormones. At Pilates Avenue, we support our members with members nights, private member’s Facebook group, and time to chat. 

Why not join us at Pilates Avenue, our classes are available face to face at the studio or live online. Contact us at [email protected].

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