Bad Back – Why you should be doing Pilates.

Pilates can be a beneficial exercise method for individuals with a bad back. Where previously people with bad backs were advised not to move much; now in many cases the consensus is to keep moving. Pilates can help by enhancing spinal & hip mobility, increasing flexibility, and building core strength and stability to support optimal back health in the long term.

Tips for Improving Your Back Pain

Back pain affects approximately 8 million people in the UK. It accounts for 40% of workplace absences. Which is all a bit rubbish but…

Dealing with back pain on a daily basis can be challenging. At Pilates Avenue, many of the clients we meet with back issues have fallen into a cycle of being scared to move but not moving is actually making the problem worse. There are several tips and strategies you can implement to help alleviate and prevent back pain from happening and reoccurring.