The Pilates Reformer is your new best friend!

Woman practising pilates in a pilates reformer

It’s safe to say, as a Pilates instructor I am a huge fan of the reformer. At first sight, it might resemble a medieval torture rack or even a rowing machine, but the reformer provides a range of movement that trains you to stabilities your core and spine while developing strength and flexibility. It is the ultimate full-body workout that can aid recovery from an injury, improve posture and of course help you to become more flexible.

New to Pilates

If you are new to Pilates, which incorporates focused breathing and steady stretching, I recommend attending our mat-based classes to learn the fundamentals from a static position or starting in a beginner’s reformer session that combines mat work and the reformer. Pilates is deceptive, it might look easy but the moves put laid-back muscles (you didn’t even know exist) through their paces for that surprising, yet satisfying ache the following day.

Strong and stable core

Any sportsperson will tell you that a strong core is the best foundation for physical activity. It can also be best for those who want to enjoy the freedom of movement in everyday life.

Joseph ‘Reformer’ Pilates

Whilst Pilates has been made popular by celebrities, fitness-mad Madonna in particular, it was invented by Joseph Pilates, born in 1883. The benefits of Pilates are well understood, making it popular with professional athletes and boxers.

Joseph Pilates developed the reformer, an apparatus that can be used under the guidance of an instructor, to activate muscles whilst sliding on the carriage which is controlled by a set of springs of varying resistance. 

Compared to a mat session, the sliding motion can push and pull, with added resistance whilst holding positions for increased intensity, depending on ability. The reformer is also great for giving you feedback on your movements – reducing that “is this right feeling”. 


The moves are performed from a variety of positions; standing, sitting, lying, twisting, with feet in the air and arms and legs all around, whilst your instructor is looking for good alignment, correct position, and posture.

Is it for me?

I believe the reformer is suitable for all ages and capabilities and, the movements can be modified during pregnancy. Plus, you can expect to see physical changes and improvements within a few weeks.

Finding a form of exercise you enjoy is the key to consistency. If you don’t like lifting weights in the gym or running 10 miles a day, there are many other options that can achieve the results you desire.

Participating in regular Pilates sessions is excellent for the mind, body, and soul and you will notice improvements in your strength and flexibility, which can only be a good thing to improve your fitness and ability to perform any other type of sport of exercise.

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About me: I am a Nutritional Therapist and Pilates Instructor with over 15years experience teaching Pilates. For me, Pilates whether it is on the mat, reformer, or other equipment is the ultimate workout in the fact it balances your body while making you stronger. Aside from being the owner of Pilates Avenue, I’m a mum to a 5-year-old boy and dog mum to Dave the Labradoodle!

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