It’s windy over here!

Oops!  We’ve all been caught out by a bit of wind, of the digestive kind!! 

Uncomfortable, embarrassing, and painful, it’s a sign that something we’ve eaten when it’s been digested has produced excess gas.  Incidentally, we naturally produce gas and don’t really notice it.  

The problem is when we produce an excessive amount that bloats us and is noticeable when we pass it and may also smell!  Oops!

Diets don’t work……..Sorry!

Christmas is over and the decorations are being put away again.  And, oh my, did we celebrate and feast, or should I say gorge ourselves on all those lovely rich foods, chocolate and drink!!!  And oh heck, just look at how tight our clothing has become and by how much the scales tell us we’ve put on!! TIME TO DIET!!!!!

But remember the last time you dieted.