Step 1

Go to your App Store and load the Gym Catch app

Step 2

Click “Register” and fill in your details

Step 3

Pick your provider “Pilates Avenue”

Step 4

On your Home Screen you should now see Pilates Avenue as a provider. Click on the Pilates Avenue icon.

Step 5

Clicking on the icon will open the provider page.

Step 6 – to book a course (block)

Click on the available courses.

Step 7

The course (block) list should be there for you to book. Click on your chosen class and follow the payment instruction.

*If you have a promotion code please enter this in the box below the credit/debt card details – this must be filled in before the card details.

Step 8

Once the purchase is completed the booking will appear in the “My Booking” page on your home page.

Trouble Shooting

If the full course list doesn’t show up (step 7) please go back to the Pilates Avenue home page and check that the page says “following”.